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Painting & Stenciling over a Vinyl Floor


Painting & Stenciling over a Vinyl Floor

Rick Holladay

The old red brick vinyl floor in the bathroom had to go!  After looking at Pinterest for ideas...I decided to paint over it and stencil it!  

I chose a dark gray floor paint and bought it through which proved to be much cheaper than the local hardware store.  A lighter gray was used on the stencil and bought from Hornbach in Binzen. 



I used the existing lines from the vinyl flooring to measure out my squares. The best tape I found was Frog Tape from Hornbach in Binzen.  The stencil I chose was from Royal Design Studio (USA).




Rick helped out by filling in some holes, left over from the days when it was a public bathroom for the factory workers. There used to be two toilets with stalls, (which we removed, hence the holes).






I couldn't be happier with the end result! This shows it almost finished.  Later, I waxed the floor with a couple of coats of floor wax.

And within two days, it's done! Voila!   

And within two days, it's done! Voila!