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Pottery Class with Jennifer Loop

Jennifer Loop.jpg

Jennifer Loop graduated from George Fox University in Oregon in 2009 with a degree in Studio Arts and a love for all things ceramic.  Throughout college and beyond she worked teaching elementary schoolers the ins and outs of art. Finally "graduating" on to high school teaching in 2012 at BFA has been an exciting adventure allowing her to focus on ceramics!  Jennifer's favorite techniques involve the use of colored slip (engobe) and a carving technique called scrafitto that allow more delicate carving and design to be added to the surface.  As a lover of everything outdoors, Jennifer is inspired by textures, shapes and designs found in nature.  Jennifer thinks the combination of beauty and functionality is what makes ceramics so magical.


In the hand building workshop you will learn the three main types of constructing with clay, slab, coil, and pinch pot. You will use these techniques together to create a tray and pair of cups.  Jennifer will also introduce you to her preferred technique of engobe and scrafitto allowing you to design the surface immediately after forming your work.  After your work is completed it will be bisque fired (the first firing) and then coated in a clear glaze and fired again.


In the wheel throwing workshop we will focus on improving and adding to any wheel throwing skills you already have.  If you are new to the wheel you will learn the basics of centering and forming your clay on the wheel as it spins.  Don't worry, Jennifer is a patient teacher!

Each class is 35 euros or 50 euros if both classes are taken.

Time: Friday, 2 Jan. 17-19.00

Saturday, 3 Jan. 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Later Event: February 12
19.00 Open Studio